Good news from the Mexican government regarding sargassum

Good news from the Mexican government regarding sargassum

Charles Richer

June 25, 2019 – The first wave of sargassum that struck Mexico in 2015, but in 2018, the problem became worse with the arrival of 24 million cubic meters of these algae. The installation of barriers, off the beaches, was the first step to prevent Sargassum from reaching the shore.

But the Mexican government is determined to do more, so Rafael Ojeda, Mexican Navy Minister, announced on June 24 that they will build special ships designed specifically to tackle the massive influx of these algae on his beaches. And as the treatment of this problem is urgent, Minister Ojeda promises that the first boat will be ready in a few months and that at least a dozen will be needed to combat this scourge.

The “Sargaceras“, name that will be used for the boats, will suck massively seaweed and even, in some cases, transform them. In addition to statements by the Navy Minister, Governor Carlos Joaquin Gonzalez said that the government estimated that about 600 million pesos would be released soon to deal with the immediate situation (about $40 million CAD).