Delta Airlines will offer new free services in economy class

Delta Airlines will offer new free services in economy class

Charles Richer

At a time when most airlines are cutting free services for their passengers, there is a company that stands out and you travelers will love it.

Today when you pay for your plane ticket, you are asked to pay extra for your luggages, your seat selection or even your earphones on board. Delta Airline has understood how to stand out and offer a quality service on the intercontinental routes from November 2019.

The Air France / KLM partner airline wants to invest to become a reference in terms of service on a northern market -american. This new service offered in economy class on international flights of more than 6:30 has already been tested on the Portland-Tokyo route during 700 flights and the rigorous evaluation was made with 1800 customer surveys.

So what will be offered to travelers in economy class?

We will end up in a travel experience of the 80s on international airlines with a welcome cocktail, a hot towel. As for the meal it will be served individually, with the possibility of choosing its entry. The main course can justify its name again with larger portions while the dessert will be served separately … Finally, a new comfort kit will be offered for free.

This decision to invest in staff training as well as the services offered on board is the result of a trend of unfaithful economy-class passengers seeking the best price. A better service would become a criterion of choice

So will this change give ideas to other airlines?