Welcome to our world of organised tourism...

…An area in which we have excelled for more than three decades.

Voyages VP is the result of a merger between two of the largest travel agencies in Quebec: Voyages Professionnels (1987) and Voyages Fleur de Lys (1974). It’s a strong alliance that combines the expertise and competence of four partners and approximately 40 employees.

Organizing a trip requires time and management. That’s why we offer to take the responsibility off your shoulders. Whether it’s for Business Travel, Leisure Travel or Extraordinary Travel, our agency excels in the art of creating your escapes.

If we combined all the expeditions completed by our travel experts, there would be enough for several tours around the world! And each year, they renew their experiences to ensure they’re up to date with the latest trends and the most current information to serve you better.

Travel architects

Business Travel Team

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