Business travel

By your side

Travel management is our expertise. We ensure a reliable presence during each phase of your professional travels.

Using technologies to enable easy travel

  • We search the best online platforms to access to the best rates.
  • SABRE: Airline reservation system, including various customer service and support tools.
  • Concur: State-of-the-art tool for intelligent management of travel reservations.

Negotiating on your behalf

Being a privileged member of the Ensemble Travel® Group, we have the tools to negotiate better agreements among suppliers (for example, hotels and car rental companies).

Quality control

  • UDID: Technology ensuring the respect of your travel policy and of our own quality standards.
  • TIMATIC: Interface offering information on the entry requirements for countries (visas, vaccines, etc.).
  • Verification of your credits: We maximize your savings by using your unused tickets.

Providing insightful management reports

With statistical information accumulated in our accounting system, we are able to generate reports according to a number of criteria, including:

  • Travel summaries
  • Flight activities
  • Vendor validation reports
  • Frequent travellers
  • Carrier market share
  • Details of activities (hotels)
  • Analysis of hotels by city
  • Details of activities (cars)

Anything is possible

We offer corporate event organization and management services. From the coordination of motivational trips, to client parties, not to mention local events, our team accompanies you throughout the project.

You’re in the right place

Our strength is to gather a team of experienced and qualified collaborators to assure you impeccable service. Our work method allows a respectful approach to requests and timetables.

Gestion personnalisée

Nous vous accompagnons dans tous vos déplacements d’affaires, quelle que soit votre fonction :

Assistant de voyage :

L’expertise, la disponibilité et la modularité de nos agents experts sont autant de gages d’une réservation réussie.

Groupe Voyages VP vous propose : des procédures administratives simplifiées, des outils de réservation simples et efficaces, des agents dédiés et à votre écoute, une gestion simplifiée des préférences de vos collaborateurs

Département des achats :

Fort de notre savoir-faire, nous vous accompagnerons dans la définition de votre politique de voyage afin de maximiser les économies pour votre entreprise.

Groupe Voyages VP vous propose : des rapports de gestion automatisés et en libre service.

Voyageur d’affaires :

Nos agents dédiés sont à vos côtés pour faciliter tous vos déplacements d’affaires afin de vous permettre de vous concentrer sur votre mission. Toutes vos préférences de voyages et vos cartes de fidélité sont enregistrées dans votre profil voyageur sécurisé, respectant les normes PCI.

Groupe Voyages VP vous propose : des applications mobiles pratiques, un service 24/7, des services conseils personnalisés.

Organisateur MICE et Incentive :

Nos agents feront de vos événements, des moments fédérateurs pour vos équipes. Notre expertise et connaissance du marché nous permettent de concevoir séminaires, conventions ou voyages de récompenses uniques.

Nos services

Benefit from the best service and our personalized approach

24/7 service. No matter where. It doesn’t matter when.

A simple call to our 24/7 emergency service is all you need. Fast forwarding. Assistance with flights, hotels and car rentals. Responsive service when you need it most.

Passports and Visas:
Validation of your entry and exit requirements.

Management reports:
With the statistical information accumulated in our accounting system, we are able to generate reports according to numerous criteria:

  • Summary of trips
  • Details of aerial activities
  • Supplier Validation Report
  • Frequent travelers
  • Carrier market share
  • Activities details (hotels)
  • Analysis of hotels by city
  • Activities details (cars)

Indispensable travel apps

Concur Technologies is an American SaaS company, providing travel and expense management services to businesses.

TripCase is an itinerary management app that also keeps your travel documents in one place.

Afraid to lose your telephone or to have it stolen while travelling? This application allows you to locate it, lock it and activate an alarm.

Network around the world with business travellers, during your breaks.

Uniglobe, our network that offers tools for your business trips.

Meeting & event planning

Everything is possible

Our skills go beyond organizing your trips. Do you need a management service for a corporate event or client evening? Tell us your ideas. We want to be at the heart of your projects.

À la carte services

We offer turnkey services and support all the stages of your project:

  • Sources of supplying and negotiations
  • Advance site inspection
  • Selection and management of team-building activities
  • Program content
  • Multimedia equipment rentals
  • Participation in communication campaigns
  • Online registration tool for your participants
  • Trophies and promotional merchandise for your brand image
  • Choice of menus and management of food and beverages
  • Technological support
  • Security team
  • Cost management, monitoring and reports
  • Talent: music, motivational speakers and presenters
  • Leisure: Option to extend your business trip into a vacation
  • Analysis of airline tickets and booking system
  • Transportation logistics: air/land/water
  • Post-event evaluations
  • VIP treatment for your special guests
  • On-site coordination

How can we help you?

    1001 questions

    By consolidating your travel with us, you can save time and money. Travel is the second-largest expense for a business. With our expertise and recommendations, and with a strong travel policy, you could save 20%* on your business travel expenses.  Let us become your partner of choice and we will provide personalised advice to help you achieve these savings.

    Working with us allows you to reduce your staff’s time and efforts associated with booking travel. You will also receive improved planning for your budget. We can present you with examples of internal travel policies or revise your existing travel policy. We can also analyse your spending habits and recommend which credit card would be the best for your business, based on the card’s travel benefits and programs (points, insurance, access to business-class lounges, cash back).

    Consolidation allows not only better control of your expenses and better negotiating power with vendors, it also allows better employee safety because there is only one point of contact. In case of an emergency, it is possible to geo-locate your employees.

    *Average savings by our clients

    We take a very comprehensive approach with all of our clients, evaluating everything from their travel history to their existing contracts, if they have them. This allows us to make informed recommendations on preferred partners and the types of travel polices that should be implemented.

    You will open your account during the first call with your future advisor, who will be your main contact throughout our relationship. Instead of a phone call, we could either meet in your offices or directly at our agency.

    Of course. We have a team available 24/7/365 to assist with all of your needs.

    Yes. We understand how busy you are and, therefore, need the flexibility to make travel plans at your convenience. Thanks to our partnership with Concur, our clients have the option to book air, hotel and car reservations themselves via a website or a mobile app.

    We offer some insurance programs for our corporate clients. Talk about it with your future advisor who will offer you the most appropriate plan.

    Your itinerary will be sent to you via email at the designated email address as soon as your trip has been reserved. You can review it and share it on our TripCase app at any time.

    Standard airline company policy is to issue non-refundable tickets. However, Voyages VP offers a service to our clients in which we track unused tickets so that you could apply them to tickets or travel in the future.

    You can cancel your trip online yourself, or call an agent and we will take care of it for you within an hour.

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