Since February 1, 2017, our exclusive partner for all your travel insurance is Manulife

Why is travel insurance so important?

Let’s take some time to review what risks travel insurance policy covers and what services are included for you and your family. The cost of insurance is negligible compared to the financial loss you could experience because of an unpredictable interruption or cancellation of all travel. The cost is also insignificant in the case of a medical emergency when travelling in an other country.

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Testimony of Alycia who was enjoying some tropical heat, until she didn’t feel so hot. A nearly $3,000 claim helped her feel better.

Exclusive insurance only available in the agency

The Premium protection plan is a simplified insurance that gives you increased coverage and reduced restrictions. Indeed it will allow you to be covered in the case that an unforeseen event would compromise your travel plans (we have all been in this case at least once).

In addition to being extremely simplified, it is also unique because it is exclusive to travel agencies, indeed, this insurance protection without equal must be underwritten with a travel agent within 72 hours of booking the trip.

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Some examples covered by Manulife’s Unparalleled Protection Insurance:

  • Your passport is out of date and you did not realize it before you left.
  • Your marriage is canceled
  • Your dog gets sick and you can’t go on vacation anymore
  • You have unforeseen expenses that prevent you from going on vacation (snow removal fees, school fees for your children …)
  • The river on which you had to make your cruise is dry and does not allow you to navigate