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PONANT Cruise: The First Luxurious icebreaker


Groupe Voyages VP is pleased to announce the launch of the PONANT Icebreaker, which will be inaugurated in 2021. This unique icebreaker will allow you to reach the TRUE geographic North Pole, cross the Arctic Ocean, and discover the white beauties of the extreme northeast of Greenland. Capable of splitting more than two metres of ice, the liner (150 metres long) can venture into the most extreme areas. It will have the ability to navigate the most frozen seas, such as the Weddell Sea or the Ross Sea. It will be a first in the world of cruises.

The newest member of the cruise line will take you on the trail of the great polar explorers who have sailed the waters of the northern and southern hemispheres – all in refined comfort with luxurious amenities never before offered. PONANT will offer more than cruises; they will be true polar odysseys. With helicopters and zodiacs on board, passengers will have the opportunity to explore the polar fauna in the company of naturalist guides and scientists.

For sustainable development, this hybrid electric icebreaker, powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG), will be equipped with the latest technologies for environmental protection. This equipment called Clean Ship will go beyond environmental regulations by reducing SO2, NOX, CO2, and particulate emissions through the use of LNG. It will also be equipped with an energy recovery system and will have an efficiency optimised by the use of latest-generation electric batteries. All the routes of the PONANT icebreaker will be determined with the utmost attention in terms of safety and respect for the environment – without any exception!

The hull was designed with Aker Arctic to combine forward navigation modes in compact ice and reverse in extreme ice conditions, thanks to the Double Action Principle. With its innovative design, the PONANT Icebreaker will offer unequalled performance in ice compared to conventional icebreakers.

The boat will have 135 cabins, all with balconies treated to ensure total safety for passengers. You will always find on board a level of exceptional comfort. The excellence, and personalised and attentive service will give you the feeling of sailing aboard your own yacht. An essential component of French gastronomy will naturally have a place on board. Throughout your cruise, you will enjoy high-end cuisine prepared by talented chefs.


The price does not include: travel insurance, administration fees, client contribution to the Compensation Fund for Customers of Travel Agents of $ 1 CAD per $ 1,000 CAD.

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