New policy for transporting animals at Air Transat

New policy for transporting animals at Air Transat

Charles Richer

Good news for travelers who like to bring their pets on a trip with them. Air Transat recently changed its cabin pet policy to include connecting flights. From now on, dogs and cats whose total weight, including the cage, is 10 kg or less are now admitted on most Air Transat flights.

However, you will not be allowed to remove the animal from its cage and the cage must be placed under the seat in front of you. Here are Air Transat cabin rules: “Passengers will have to place the animal’s cage below the seat in front of them. Therefore, the dimensions of the cage should not exceed 21.5 cm (height) 40 cm (width) x 45 cm (depth) (8.5 x 16 x 17.5 inches). Only watertight and ventilated cages with flexible walls are accepted. Cages with rigid walls or any other bag are not accepted. The cage must be large enough to allow the animal to stand on its legs, turn on itself and lie down in comfort and safety. No part of the animal should protrude from its cage. Transport of the animal could be refused if the cage is too small.

If you want your pet to travel in the cabin with you, you must reserve a place, which are quite limited, with the Information and Seat Selection Center at 1 877 TRANSAT, directly at the airport (not recommended because there may be no space available) or through your travel advisor. The applicable fees for reserving a cabin place for your pet are $ 90 for flights to / from Europe and $ 50 for flights within Canada and to / from the South and the United States.

Please contact your travel agent for more information.