Hurricane Season: Global Affairs Unveils Safety Tips for Canadian Travelers to Prepare

Hurricane Season: Global Affairs Unveils Safety Tips for Canadian Travelers to Prepare

Charles Richer

Leaving with peace of mind is priceless … Unfortunately, it is clear that some people are still unaware that the hurricane season begins in mid-May and lasts until the end of December and this, in several country. It includes not only hurricanes, but also typhoons, cyclones and monsoons.

Global Affairs Canada has created “Travel Reports” to inform travelers if their destination is a hurricane risk destination. You can also check out its Travel Smart app, as well as its Twitter and Facebook pages, where travel tips for travel are regularly updated.

Here are some of the Global Affairs Canada recommendations:

  • Purchase travel insurance and make sure it covers trip cancellations or interruptions in the event of a hurricane.
  • Write down and take with you the emergency contact information of the airlines you are traveling with or tour operators, as well as the nearest Canadian government office to your destination.
  • Leave copies of your travel documents and detailed information about your itinerary, flights, hotels, cruise ships, phone numbers and e-mail addresses to your family or friends at home.
  • Prepare to have to modify your travel plans in a very short time (and at your own expense if you do not have adequate insurance). Suggestion here to inquire about Manulife’s Premium Protection Plan, which allows you to cancel for any reason within hours of departure. Available only through travel agencies and / or agents.
  • Stay informed and constantly check the latest regional weather forecasts for your destination and follow the advice and instructions of local authorities. Global Affairs Canada also reminds Canadians traveling abroad that they should consider registering for Registration of Canadians Abroad, a free service that allows the Government of Canada to reach travelers in an emergency. or during a national disaster abroad.

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