Air Canada takes action to counter covid-19

Air Canada takes action to counter covid-19

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At Air Canada, they are monitoring the progress of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) and its impact worldwide. In addition, they are in continuous contact with Canadian and international health authorities. “Safety First, Always” is a core value of Air Canada, both for their employees and their customers. It is therefore important for them to inform you of the measures taken in their operation to meet this commitment.

  • At airports: The installation of hand sanitizer dispensers in strategic locations such as check-in counters, boarding gates and lounges. They also posted reminders to wash their hands regularly in several places;
  • Before a flight: Agents are on the lookout for customers who present symptoms and inquire about their state of health if necessary. This exercise may result in consultation with Air Canada’s medical service or a third-party health service provider. If it is declared that the customer is not in a condition to travel, he will not be able to board;
  • In flight: Airplanes are fitted with high-efficiency HEPA filters which trap 99% of the particles in the cabin air. It is precisely in these particles that microbial organisms such as bacteria and viruses hide. With this system, the cabin air is cleaned every two to three minutes.
  • After each flight: Disinfection and complete cleaning of surfaces, which effectively eliminates coronaviruses. They use hospital grade disinfectants for a wide range of microbial activity and have been shown to be effective against human coronavirus.

Learn more about Air Canada’s preventive measures.

Schedules and capacity according to market demand are continuously adapted. For the latest developments, you can view the full list here. For travelers whose journey is imminent, please see the latest flexible policy for changing active bookings. Also, for the sake of giving travelers more freedom and allowing them to make their reservations with confidence, they decided to cancel the modification fees and offer a free change for new reservations. For full details, visit

For even more security following the current uncertainty regarding the flight ban of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, they are withdrawing these aircraft until September 8, 2020. Close collaboration between Air Canada and air transport regulators keep on going.

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